Greek philosopher Plato’s famous saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” still resonates. We have wasted reams of paper on explaining it. Netizens have spent umpteen Gbps on this overused proverb. While nature has bestowed mankind with a marvellous gift called intelligence, she has also ensured that there is a certain limitation in terms of physical ability. But man’s intellectual ability […]

Manually created Content & Artificial Intelligence

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought – Alber Szent Gyorgy. Curiosity takes human minds to the point where nobody has ever been. That led to things which existed before but humanity never knew they did until an anxious soul explored the unexplored and yelled – hey this is it. Needless to say, as […]

03 Things you never knew about Yoast SEO Plugin

Thin content 2
As [email protected] TopRank marketing, Content isn’t the king, it is the kingdom. And yes, it obviously is. When you have a site full of informative and authoritative contents, to the extent that you become a brand or an unavoidable voice, you are considered a king with a kingdom. There are some authority sites which enjoy such recognition across the blogosphere.  To name […]

Thin Content and Google Penalty – The truth you will ...

Just a thought friends. The world appears big but sometimes it is really small.  You go out searching for something in this world but when you don’t get, it appears that the world is too small a place to get your desired object.  You give up until you again come across albeit in an unplanned manner.  Then it appears that the […]

The world appears big but sometimes it is small

blog commenting tips 2
In today’s blogging parlance, comments are known to be an acknowledgement of the blogger/webmaster’s hard work. They may be in the form of a review, perusal, opinion or evaluation of sorts.  Or they may be a discussion also.  Whatever form it is available, it is inevitable for any blogger cannot think of blogging without comments.WHY WE SHOULD COMMENT & HOW TO DO […]

Basic tips on blog commenting

How to reduce bounce rate of a website 2
We take a lot of pain to write and publish a post.  Yet, after working so hard, we get dejected when we don’t get the right amount of attention we deserve. Yes, friends, I am talking about bounce rate.  That is when your visitors just peep into your post and leaves just like a rocket firing all cylinders to exit the atmosphere. […]

Learn how to reduce bounce rate of a website & ...

WordCamp Mumbai 2017
A seminar was held by renowned blogger Kulwant Nagi at Isckon Temple in New Delhi. I was eager to attend the seminar and booked a seat with my credit card.   Any such conference or seminar is a place where you get to meet a good number of like-minded people.  However, I REGRET that I failed to reach there and therefore […]

Wordcamp Mumbai 2017: Why should you attend?

image optimisation seo 2
An old Chinese proverb says “”Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand”.  I think that possibly explains the best why images are worth a thousand words. There is a hardly a blog post without an image today. Optimised images contribute to the findability of your blog/site.  A well-written content alone won’t do the magic.  The content […]

How to do image optimisation for SEO in 2017?

Just to ensure that Google does not mistake this post for a spun content, let me start the discussion in an unconventional manner. I don’t know how Google ascertains if a content is a spun one. But if you are to believe one of the most hackneyed phrases used as a catchy comment I stumbled upon on using spun articles, then […]

What is a spun article & how to stay away ...

free online content generator 20
Let us explore the efficacy of free online content generators available across the web.  A blogger has to inevitably be a multi-tasker with writing as his or her forte.  Writing a blog post sometimes proves to be a pretty tedious job.  You may more often than not run out of your creative juices for churning out posts after posts.  Moreso, when you […]

Free online content generators – Are they a safe bet?
  Amongst all the keyword tool available across the blogosphere, has an unique way of coughing out long-tail keywords.  There are in all 16 search engines and verticals here.  Search results are clubbed under the icons of each and every search engine and verticals where from they have been sourced.  It is quite intriguing that Soovle as an engine has […]


meta description length 2016 1
Google has made significant alterations in meta description length in May 2016. This has gone unnoticed to many in the blogosphere. But what does this mean to the webmasters? The basic function of the meta description is to provide a brief summary to the audience so as to lure them into following, turning them into loyal readers, clients. Previously, the meta […]

Google alters meta description length in May 2016

blogger career opportunities 10
Today, blogging is regarded as a part time online avenue and not as a full-time career.  Young job aspirants, children are never encouraged by their parents to explore career opportunities as a blogger. With this sort of mindset prevailing, have you ever wondered where will blogging be five years from now? CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AS A BLOGGER LAY UNTAPPED IN INDIA.  WHY? […]


Should you have a unique meta description for every page 2
Should you have a unique meta description for every page? Before I dwell on the issue, let me explain the term meta description in the context of content writing. WHAT PREVENTS US FROM WRITING UNIQUE META DESCRIPTION? As per Moz, Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. Going by its definition, it may apparently […]

Is it a must to have a unique meta description ...

What is the meaning of Keyword Cannibalization? Why and how does it happen? And how can you avoid them? Is there any relation between keyword cannibalization and keyword stuffing? Well, in this post, I will be shedding light on keyword cannibalization and related issues.  At the onset let me discuss Keyword cannibalization meaning and if it has any similarity with Keyword […]

Keyword Cannibalization meaning & how to fix it

What is the best free keyword search tool
Today, I have a question, friends.  What is the best free keyword search tool for beginners, webmasters in 2016? Even in the recent past, this question didn’t bother us.  Webmasters were happy with their own preferences.  Some liked Google.  Some preferred third party search tools.  But as you know, Search Engine giant Google is famous for coming up with one nasty […]

What is the best free keyword search tool for webmasters ... 1 keyword search tool – a unique keyword tool that is available for free for the webmasters. In this past, I have written a detailed review on Ubersuggest keyword tool. And How it works. Its comparison with others as a keyword search tool. But today, my discussion will be exclusively on this tool – Answerthepublic. WHAT IS ANSWERTHEPUBLIC TOOL? Answerthepublic tool is […]

Answerthepublic tool – A must read review for all

website keyword analysis
It is a must for every webmaster to know how to check his/her website keyword rankings. But don’t expect your post to be found in the Google’s SERP.  And why not?  When you have not done any proper keyword research, how can you expect that.  This is the usual trend that is observed across the blogosphere. Writing a post without knowing […]

How to check your website keywords rankings?