About.  I am a part time blogger and in a Government job presently.  I like to write and do not squander any opportunity that comes my way to test my writing skills.  Apart from one compelling situation (source), it is this interest in writing which propelled me into taking up blogging as a part time avenue.  I do have a future of converting this into a full-time profession.  Though currently, I am hard pressed for time, with God permitting, I wish to make it big as a blogger.  I am inspired by the likes of Harh Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi, Anil Agarwal and Ankit Singla.  I love the way Harsh and Kulwant writes.  I am a huge follower of Darren Rowse, Brian Dean.  My aim is to educate young minds about methods, tricks of blogging.

I am also a WordPress freak.  I simply love this content management platform and am looking forward to making it big in the world of blogging through this platform only.


I will be using a little bit of this page to show those who influence my life and my muse.  I am presently residing in Delhi.  My family comprises my husband and my son. Here I am posting a photo of my son and myself enjoying in the outskirts of Delhi. I will be including my husband’s photo later.  I know I should have included his photo here as he has been the inspiration behind this blog.  And sometimes the main contributor also.


And below is my son at 06 months old.


My son Neil sometimes plays spoilsport with my efforts.  Like while I am writing, he wants to play some games on the internet and continuously disturbs me asking me repeatedly to leave the works station to him.

This is my world.  A blogger’s tiny world.  I am yet to make my mark as a blogger.  But with my son and my husband always encouraging, I am finding the going that difficult.

Please, share your thoughts