Inspired by the success of the American e-giant, and the Chinese Behemoth, Alibaba, majors like The ebay, Malaysia has launched to make the most of the readily available e-commerce market for halal products.

The halal products and services include edible oil, juices, lifestyle products anything which is in congruence with the Islamic rule. The global market for halal products is estimated to be around 1.6 trillion US$ and will be touching 2.5 trillion$ by 2018.

Zilzar formally launched at WIEF, Dubai

“Malaysian prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, during the launch of the e-retailer at the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum in Dubai was very optimistic about the future of newly launched retailer and maintained that with more than 1.8 billion Muslims in 150 countries, the Islamic market was larger than China’s and growing faster than Amazon and e-Bay combined. He further added that what Alibaba is to the Chinese market, can be for the Muslim lifestyle sector – creating new businesses and jobs, and bringing Islamic finance to new markets,” he said. ( is a Malaysian initiative.) (source)

Chief executive Rushdi Siddiqui of Zilzar, predicts that within two to three months the site will have more halal suppliers than Alibaba.(source: -The Guardian)

Zilzar to endorse Halal SMEs

As per there are umpteen number of halal Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the world that are not financially strong enough to support their own growth and therefore do not have access to markets outside their state of operation and buyers who want to deal with (halal) certified sellers. Operating on small corpus, these SMEs want access to free robust digital storefronts on credible platform that have updated information for them to better understand the market and accordingly help tap hidden potentials therein and ultimately interact with buyers/prospects and facilitate cost effective secure transaction. This is particularly where has an edge over its American and Chinese counterparts in that it is a B2B and B2C global information and trading platform that specifically encourages and endorses halal SMEs the world over to have access to new markets.

It is also pertinent to mention that in today’s context where per capita income in Muslim countries has increased along with deeper internet connection and mobile usage for commerce, Zilzar stands to be an instant hit in the Muslim world.

Of late, Zilzar has tied up with Master cards which will be lending its expertise for developing and building secure payment infrastructures that can enhance the way businesses transact and with ease and convenience.

Presently, with the Muslim population of 1.8 billion growing at twice the rate of the global average, Zilzar will surely live up to its Arabic synonym – The earthquake.

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