The elections results are out and everyone is aware of the mayhem that took place in the Assembly elections of Delhi. However, it is time to ascertain and gauge the reasons for such a historic victory of this recently born political outfit – Aam Admi Party in short -AAP.


To keep things straight and simple, it is pertinent to mention that a political party whose leader has shunned the comfort of stage shows and the confines of the party Office and hit the streets, narrow alleys of the slumps usually avoided by the bigwigs of the ruling party can only ensure such an unprecedented victory. Also, the landslide victory of Aam Admi Party is attributable to relentless efforts of party workers who left no stones unturned to ensure that the mandate goes their way. Every stratum of the society was wooed by AAP. (source-


While commuting to my Office, I came across a group of Office goers who were disillusioned with the ruling government at the centre. They were of the view that when BJP came to the power at the center, it promised that they would provide electricity at cheap rate. Instead, it has been increased by another 15 %. Today, when we run an air conditioner, the bill shoots up to Rs 5000/- p.m. If A/C is not included, then the bill easily touches Rs 2500/-. Another Office goer maintained that commoners drawing between Rs 15,000/- to Rs 35,000/-should opt for AAP as this party will still sincerely try to provide some relief of sorts in the form of relaxation in electricity bills, water bills, as has been witnessed during their last stint.

Furthermore, people were of the view that where crude oil prices have plummeted to a new low by almost sixty percent, the government seems reluctant to pass on the benefits of cheap crude to the common man. Prices of essentials have instead shot up. All these reflect only the disenchantment of the commoners with the Government.

The voters were also of the view that during AAP’s previous 49 day stint in Delhi, corruption touched at an all time low with the infamous Delhi Police personnel (usually familiar with demanding money at traffic intersections from chartered buses ferrying Office goers, private vehicles including two wheelers) shunning all extortion activities. This was also confirmed by one roadside hawker who when quizzed agreed harassments at the hands of Delhi Police almost became a thing of the past during AAP’s 49-day stint.

AAP’s ASTUTE ELECTORAL CAMPAIGNING      This time around, many wrote off Arvind Kejriwal on the premise that he gave up his CM’s post for a greener pasture i.e. The Lok Sabha where he miserably failed and, therefore, did not stand a chance to win this election. But while campaigning for the assembly elections, he admitted that he made a mistake and apologized for the same to the electorates. This humble demeanor of his did go down well with the Delhites and gave good returns in the form of votes. Some also reasoned that 49 days of stay in the Office with Congress’s support was not enough for a Government to realize the promise made to the commoners. Therefore, they opined that he should be given 05 years. Besides, sacrificing CM’s post is not easy as CM’s post has more appeal than that of an MP’s. AAP’s electoral campaign was conspicuous by the absence of any sort of criticism, tirades which the BJP often resorted to, to malign Kejriwal’s image in the eyes of the electorates. Kejriwal instead insisted on the electorates that if it is Modi at the centre, then it should Kejriwal in the state.

AAP’s MANIFESTO MORE ACCEPTABLE THAN BJP’s VISION Around 80% if Delhi’s denizens dwell in unauthorised colonies where illegal construction is rampant. People residing in such colonies were not convinced that if BJP voted to power in the state would sincerely address their pending issues of regularising those colonies as the issue never featured in their manifestoes but in their vision. This never appealed the electorates. Rather they had more faith in AAP.

The promises made by AAP to the electorates seem to have instant takers amongst the voters. The assurance of free electricity and water at cheap rates worked miracle as voters who previously benefited from AAP’s generosity during its 49 days stint simply gave in to the electoral bait.

DISILLUSIONMENT OF MUSLIM VOTERS A major portion of Muslim population opined that over the years Congress has only used them as a vote bank. They have gained nothing from their unmatched support to the Congress over the years. BJP was never their choice, more so, in the aftermath of negative propaganda like love jihad etc. Elderly Muslims were of the view that they want better lives for next generation for which they are relying on AAP.

PM’S FAILURE TO CONNECT WITH THE AAM ADMI Lastly, it is being widely accepted both in the print and electronic media that Narendra Modi’s Rs 10 Lakh suit which he wore during US President’s Barack Obama’s visit to India, did cost him the Delhi Assembly Election, as it did not go down well with the electorates. These same electorates who voted Modi to power in the Centre were alienated by PM’s ostentatious display of exuberance. If the election results are anything to go by, it was only that the PM was no more the Aam Admi’s PM. What is your take, folks?

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