It is not that I am an avid reader. I am not a keen writer either. Yes, I like to write sometimes. At my workplace, I used to write a lot of Official correspondences which was supposed to be done by my higher ups. Most of the times, my efforts won me accolades. And that gave me the confidence to write more. Long time back I heard that there was good money in blogging. But all these years, I never tried my luck here in blogging. The lure of good income drew my attention towards blogging. Only thing, I wasn’t trying because I was lethargic.

However, writing Official correspondence, Official notings for my higher ups gave me a lot of confidence and therefore I decided to take a plunge in blogging. This apart, there was also a situation which forced me into taking up blogging as a supplementary source of income for the time being and with a future plan of converting it into a regular source of income. I will come to that part in the later part of this post. I thought I could write blogs as easily as I could write Official correspondences. However, I soon realised that writing blogs was a totally different ball game. At first, I started with writing business blogs after getting inspiration from the famous Indian blog But I realised that I did not have sufficient knowledge on subjects like economics, commerce, business, finance, politics etc. Also, I could not give sufficient time to enhance my knowledge on these subjects after working from 9:00 till 17:30 in a Government Office and reaching home  late at 20:00 in the evening.

Notwithstanding what I have said, I did my bit to put up a good content on few of the articles I have posted in the last few months. What I noticed was that my post was replete with the style of writing as used in an Official correspondence which did not help me get visitors. My basics were also not on the place. I did not do any SEO optimisation or keyword research. I know any newbie would make this mistake. However, as I excited about launching a new post, I just went ahead with my plans albeit without any success. I was pretty sure that my blog posts would be read as my writing was good, as my Office colleagues and higher-ups told.

AS a few months passed, I found writing articles on blogging more appealing than for commerce, politics etc. Blogging as a subject though huge was still manageable and more interesting. Besides, the likes Kulwant Nagi, Harsh Agarwal inspired me a lot. Hence, this post and this blog.

But friends, I must say what was the actual driving force behind my taking up blogging as a second source of income generation with future plans of converting it into a regular source of income. 

I am by nature a very impulsive person.  At Office, it so happened while working, a perception on a complex issue dawned on me and I simply jumped headlong into it without caring much about the laid down norms.  I knew that I was technically right but later realised that rules are to be followed at any cost and deviation from same would mean that perpetrator has some vested interest to serve.  

I became frustrated  and the fear of losing my job forced me to look for a suitable alternative which would not hinder the flow of money and help me maintain my current lifestyle with ease.  In a leading magazine, I read about a lady who made good money in spite of being employed.  On going through the article, I realised that  here is where I can exploit my writing skills.  Without giving it a second thought, I took the plunge and started reading blogs of Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Nagi.  

Yes, before I draw the curtains over this post, I should be mentioning a very pertinent point which may not be the main reason for my taking to blogging but still holds immense significance, given the fact that blogging as an avenue  is a very prolific one if done properly and consistently.  Fame and money have become synonymous with success.  My childhood mates of yester years command immense respect in society for being successful in life.  They are holding important positions in IT sector, Defence etc.

Today, fame and money have become synonymous with success.  My childhood mates of yester years command immense respect in society for being successful in life.  They are holding important positions in IT sector, Defence etc.

They now ignore me and many of my ilk for being a low profile person.  Blogging, I believe, can fill that void and help me be at par with them.  This encouraged  me further to take blogging as a part time avenue with plans of converting it into a full-time profession.

I have already started writing blogs and hope to make it big in future.

I hope guys you all liked the experience I have shared.

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    1. If I am not wrong, I think I have seen you commenting on Maniparna’s blog. By the way, you have a great blog replete with photos of sceneries and good content. You seem to be a huge travel bug.

      Welcome to my blogging space.

      Regards Barnali

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