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Blogging is regarded as online career one can hinge upon to make one’s living.  In today’s context, there are umpteen number of lucrative careers  available post-1990 liberalisation and globalisation and opening up of our economy to the outside world.  But the burning question is why should you still go for blogging particularly when there are so many potential avenues like the BPO, real estate consumer durables, FMCG, pharmaceuticals.

In this post, I will explain you the advantages blogging as a career enjoys over other options which the job market is replete with.

YOU ARE YOUR OWN MASTER – The first and foremost reason that comes to my mind is that in blogging you are your own master.  There are no higher-ups to boss you over and you enjoy unlimited freedom to do things your way.  You need not be at the office before 09:00 AM.

YOU ARE NOT UNDER PERILS OF UNCERTAINTY– Post liberalisation, many Multinationals might have set up their base in India and thus are offering many avenues to the present generation.

 You might work hard and climb up the ladder of hierarchy but just ask yourself, can you protect yourself from perils of the macroeconomic forces that dictate the job market.  India cannot escape from the cascading effect of any global meltdown.  This was experienced during the onslaught of the sub-prime crisis.  In an overnight many young guys lost their jobs, many more had to settle with pay cuts.

In blogging, you do not experience any such downtrends.  Blogging is still at a nascent stage and, therefore, holds immense potential for the future.  If you do things properly, there is no reason why you will fail as a blogger.

A GOOD PART TIME OPTIONBlogging as a creative career project can be kept as a part-time option.  A good number of guys are doing that and  are earning decent income apart from what they earn from their job.  

Would be Moms or moms who want to strike a balance between their domestic and professional commitments are often seen quitting their jobs for taking up blogging as a career.

Even in your autumn years. when you have no professional commitments, you can make money from the comforts of your home.

SKY IS THE LIMIT- It is a known fact that people with a bit of flair for writing and a creative bent of mind can earn handsome amount of money with diligence and dedication.  Harsh Agarwal of shoutmeloud fame and Amit Agarwal of Labnolorg earn hefty sum every month.  

Here I would like to take you monthly earnings of Harsh Agarwal

May 2015 income report of Harsh Agarwal

Jun 2015 Monthly Income Report of Harsh Agarwal

You can also spend quality time with your family which a 09:00 to 17:00 Hr job can never ensure. With such a promise for the future, friends would you still go towards so-called white collar jobs without giving blogging a second thought?

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