That you are a pro-blogger or blogging with future plans of turning into a professional blogger, you will always want your blog posts to rank in the first two pages of google results.  You follow the recommendations of the industry experts and implement them.  After hours of brainstorming, you put up a high demand topic in your choice of niche.  You ensure that the focus keyword is in the title, recurs that number of times in the content as recommended by SEO experts, optimize your H1 and H2 tags, Alt Text, Anchor Text, SEO  and insert the required keyword after doing the needful.  But even after so much effort, your blog post receives a lukewarm response in the blogosphere.


Buddy, you have done everything, then why is it that your bounce rate is high and your ranking is not improving.  There is one aspect of SEO which you have not emphasized while writing your post and hence this poor results.  The Flesch Kincaid readability score  as reflected in the SEO by Yoast plug-in General settings page suggests that you have a low score which means that your style of writing lacks simplicity and easiness and is beyond the interpretation of the commoners.  The selection of words, sentence structure all matters.  The audience who visit your site in hope for any solution of sorts taking your post to be a relevant one leave early for other blogs in the same space.  In short, readability matters in blogging.


In Wiktionary, readability is considered a property of being capable of being easy and engaging.

In today’s fast paced life, readers do not have time to read articles full of complex words, phrases and sentence structures.  Neither will they search for meaning of a word or a sentence difficult to understand.  Instead, they will simply move to other posts on the same subject. This sort of reading trend manifests amongst today’s web users.  This has been brought  out in the findings of a test conducted by NN Group.

Excerpt from findings of NN Group


Stick to basics.  Keep your writing style simple and use easy words to deliver the message to your readers.  Always remember your blog post is a product or information of sorts offering a solution to a specific problem.  Therefore, keeping it easy should be a priority.

In this particular post, I would like to walk you through everything that is relating to readability.

 If you want to test the readability of any of your blog posts or your blog, please do check this reading assessment tool.  The score for this post as obtained after using the above Flesch Kincaid readability tool is shown below :-

The test result of this post you are currently reading shows that this post can be easily read and understood by any 9th standard school boy.

Short sentence – Content readability is no longer confined to easiness in understanding your content.  Renowned SEO expert Brian Dean in his  post Viral-Content advises bloggers to write in short sentences instead of writing your posts in long sentences or lengthy paragraphs.  This contributes to the readability of your content.

Well, how?  You may have heard about scanning.

We have only heard about it in poly clinics, computers etc.  In the context of blogging, it pertains to reading habit of netizens, that is your blog audience.  The bitter truth is this that a good amount of time is spent on writing blog posts but blog audience finish the article in no time.  This is because they never read the article or post word by word.  They rather read the article or post very quickly to get a general idea of its meaning or to find a particular information.  (source)

This sort of reading habit is called scanning as defined in Macmillan dictionary.  The two examples as under sourced from Macmillan Dictionary further amplify the meaning of the word scanning.

 Merrill opened the letter, scanned it briefly, and threw it away.

Tony scanned through the television programmes in the local newspaper.

Therefore, to ensure longer reader engagement and lower bounce rate, without interfering with the usual reading habits of your blog audience, SEO expert Brian Dean recommends writing your blog post in short sentences as is shown here.

Excerpt from backlinko’s post viral content









I think I have been able to cover the subject in details.  If you have any suggestions to offer, please go ahead.


  1. Great article, I use readability in my article writing. Well I don’t typically write but I have my writers use the tool at to figure out which sentences have a bad readability score. I’ve had significant success once transitioning all my article writing to have a higher FK score.

    1. My approach is simple. Writing is not that difficult if you keep things simple. Notwithstanding that in-depth knowledge is a must, simple writing with short sentences forming small paras will ensure lower bounce rate & longer reader engagement as blog audience usually don’t read, they scan. The faster u realise this, the better.

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