It has been more than eight months that I have launched this blog. I should have been better placed than what I am as of now. In spite of churning out a decent number of posts, I find that there are a few takers for my post.

I woke up to this cruel reality one morning and decided to give this a serious thought?  On taking stock of the situation, I realised to my utter embarrassment that what I was facing was being faced by a number of startups waiting to a make their mark in the world of blogging.

In short, I will say I did those mistakes which a layman blogger will do.  So with a view to helping those who are about to begin their journey as a blogger, I thought of writing this post.

Create your WordPress blog with a google mail ID.  This was the root of all problems when I was almost 08 months into blogging.

How did this matter?  Guys, as you know, you have to install a google analytics plug-in in your word press dashboard to keep a track of the performance of all your blog posts.

But, as told earlier, having linked my blog to Rediff email account and using the same as username did no good to me.  Google usually sends the API key to a gmail account and my analytics settings never got operationalised in the absence of one.

This hindered my progress as a blogger as I could never have access to the traffic data in details.  And Jetpack plugin alone was never adequate to provide a blogger with sufficient feedback.

Therefore, blogging with inoperative Google Analytics Plug-in made me feel as though I was blogging without any traffic coming my way.  

Also, I could not make my blog compatible with requirements.  Here, too, I encountered the same problem as above.  I, therefore, could not feed the search engine with microdata.

It is also pertinent to mention here, that being at the initial stage in blogging, I cannot afford to buy a catchy theme for my blog.  So I decided to go for those available for free from my theme shop.

However, they too had their shortcomings of their own. 

This is the initial stage and I am not aware of how I am to target keyword.  All these days I have been writing without inserting any keywords for I never had access to semrush or any other keyword software tool.

As a result, I was not getting targetted traffic in my blog and as Kulwant Nagi rightly pointed out in one of his posts that writing without keywords is like shooting in the dark.

This only contributed to bounce rate which was moving high with every passing day.

I was also not having a good URL and was doing with what Bluehost generated.  The inclusion of digits 08, as suggested by the hoster in my URL did no good to me as it did not help the search engines track my site.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, I wish to make it big as a blogger and right now I am working at that direction only.

All the above hurdles I have mentioned, I think are creating obstacles to numbers of bloggers.  So I thought of writing a post on the problems laymen face every day.  If you have any more points to include, please do give a suggestion.

Please, share your thoughts