What is username?  In the context of WordPress, it is used to gain access to your WordPress admin dashboard wherein you have an overview of  what and how are things goings in your blog.  You can have easy access to your database.


I was doing good with the username and the E-mail of my WordPress blog until I encountered some problems. There were a lot many malicious login attempts being reflected by the Jetpack and this statistics went on increasing with every passing day. I, therefore, decided to change my WordPress admin username and the E-mail assigned to it. But being a newbie entailed a lot of efforts to get it done.

Changing my E-mail ID became inevitable as I was not able to have access to Google Analytics, make my blog compatible with schema org markup requirements.

Finally with some help from the Bluehost and a blog post, I fixed the problem.  But not before trying hard for four hours or so

HOW SHOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR WordPress ADMIN USERNAME      This process of changing your WordPress admin username is very simple, provided one understands the process.  The process is described in the following steps:-

    •    Login to the Cpanel of your blue host account.
    •    Go to your database options
    •     Click on myphpadmin

You will be taken to the database in tabular form as shown below.

wordpress admin database

Click on wp_tssl_users as shown above and you will be taken to WordPress admin’s user_login box as under wherein you can make necessary changes as per your convenience.


And you have successfully changed your username and E-mail.

There are other ways as well.  I am recommending this method after personally exploring it from this particular blog post.  However, as a newbie, I think this is easy to do.  What’s your take?



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