Thousands or may be lakhs of bandwidths have been burnt for defining a blog.  Maybe more might have been used for searching the precise definition of a blog.

The definition of a blog may vary when viewed from a different perspective – purpose, composition etc.  A blog has also been acceptably defined as an informal style of disseminating information on any niche or subject. This is updated from time to time. This is more acceptable if viewed from the purpose perspective or the objective or aim of launching A BLOg.

Many bloggers have come up with many answers from time to time.  Some of them have been summarised below:-

HOW BLOGS BECAME POSSIBLE     Before discussing the subject,  in today’s world, information is disseminated through print media, electronic media, that is television, radio and yes also the internet.  

However, long time back, when digital media did not come in the picture, information was spread through newspapers.  In ancient times, when there were no such medium as these, message or information was spread through announcements made publicly.

Slowly but surely, civilisation progressed and over time humanity sought more access to information than before.  The 18th and 19th century witnessed a flurry of discoveries and inventions.  It was during this period when industrial revolution started and came the famous printing press which made newspaper industry popular and most sought after.  History is replete with examples of revolutions, battles etc, brought about by this powerful medium.

There is no denying the fact that BLOG became possible today, only as internet was around.  Though many parts of the world are yet to be attached by internet, internet has connected one part of the world with another like never before.    

You may think that I am dwelling too much on this but to answer the question what is a blog, you will agree that we need to look at the past? How it came?  How it functions?


We all read this unique product of digital medium without realising its advantages over other forms of medium.  A newspaper  has its own limitations.  No individual can start a daily or a personal newspaper of his own all of a sudden, given the fact that it requires a huge investment cost.

Neither a newspaper will allow an individual to express his or her viewpoints on any issue or subject.

Whereas a blog can be made for free.  There are a good number of options If you want to monetize your blog, then you have to opt for features like dedicated hoster, CDN etc.  Blogs can reach to any corner of the world.


With changing time, it is universal that civilisation advances. This advancement has been observed right from the point of time when wheels of progress started rolling on this planet’s ground.

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