Writing for the netizens is not the same thing as writing Official correspondences. Over the years, many tried to make their mark over the net failing to realise that writing over the net is totally different.


While throwing light on the subject, I must concede that writing for the web has witnessed a huge change over the last few years.  We write for our readers without realising how our readers read.

Take this from me.  There are two mains things that we must pay attention.

  • USE SIMPLE LANGUAGE :   In a given niche, you know what to write about.  But friends, what you don’t know is how to write.  While writing, we must keep in mind that we won’t have a bunch of readers awaiting our posts or articles with very sound vocabulary.  Using simple language should be one of your writing strategies.  Try to use easy words, simple sentence structures or phrases, avoid using idiomatic phrases and overly formal language.
  • BREAK INTO PARAS  Format your content.  Appearance or presentation of your article or post should facilitate scanning.  So, break your article or post into paras containing short sentences.  source)

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