Good photos contribute to the quality of your blog.  If you have a quality content, backed by good photos, then there is no looking back.  The web world is full of images that will tempt you to download them for personal use or for displaying them in your blogs.

Wait, there is a catch.

Do you know that most of them cannot be used without permission from the creator.

Yes.  And if you still use them, you may either be dragged into the court to fight a long legal battle or cough up a good amount of money to settle the issue or both.

Some, however, will allow you to use only after getting a credit link.

Also, searching the web to ascertain if the photo has been used before or find its creator does not make sense as you will get plenty of free photos from the public domain.  Apart from being time-consuming and there is no surety that the owner of images will not change his stand on his creation being used.

And when you can get your images without paying a penny, it is worthwhile to spend some time searching for such photos.

To address this problem which newbies unintentionally and unknowingly get involved with, I recommend using some of the sites which provide free photos without any encumbrances like credit links, royalty fees after having personally used them for my blog.



The very first site that spontaneously comes to my mind is Pixabay not only for its resolution quality but also for the variety available.  You can use the images of this site for your personal use, commercial projects without requiring to pay any amount, provide credit links.  Apart from providing free images for your blogs, websites, this site also free videos, vector graphs and illustration.  What makes this site stand out from others is its resolution quality.



If you need photos from a variety of categories, this is the exact site to be.  The categories include abstract, animals, architecture, Christmas, fashion, food, nature, people, technology and even wedding, snow winter, sunlight.  This site provides you with an option for premium memberships for $10 per month wherein you are provided with 30 photos in your choice of category along with additional 1000 free images from all categories.  Worth trying guys.

OPEN PHOTO NET   Basically, a photo sharing platform, created by Michael  Jastremski in 1998 with artists, students and students in mind.  This photo site has a blog of its own by name which will take you to more sites where free stock photos are available.


 © Miroslav Vajdić for

Free Range Stock Photos

Photos are available for both commercial and non-commercial usage.  The site’s admin is okay with anyone reluctant to provide credit link to its photos.  However, you need to register yourself with this site to avail yourself of the benefits of the free photos.


FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET :- Here small sized photos of 400X391 pixel are free, but attribution to both the site and the creator is a must.  Larger sizes images are not available for free. You will have to cough up around $10 for a large size image or a photo suitable for your blog post.  Ignore as better alternatives are available in the web.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at




JAYMANTRI.COM  This site deserves a mention as it comes with good quality free images.  The photo below reflects on the same.


NEW OLD STOCK This site sources vintage photos from public archives and are free from all sorts of encumbrances like copyright, attribution etc.  The photos are exceptionally nostalgic and will unavoidably take you to the era of 40s and 50s.  As I have an inclination for vintage things, this site is one of favourites.  And though it may not find any takers amongst today’s bloggers, this site is still a must with plenty of free to use images.

Free to use photo sourced from National Library of Ireland by New Old Stock










Free to use photo sourced by New Old Stock from National Library of Ireland.





SPLITSHIRE: As regards Splitshire, Daniel Nanescu, its founder, takes pride in that, that he was never a famous photographer.  However, the high resolution photos which he has been taking for the last 10 years and were lying idle in the hard disk are now alive in thousands of websites including hubspot, CNN etc.  Really something, in which one can truly take pride.  End users are free to use these photos for any commercial purpose other than reselling them or any for use in any third party websites.

KABOOMPICS This site too provides high quality free photos ranging from architecture to food, fashion and landscapes.  However, with a view to ensure growth of her site, the creator asks for a link back to her site in exchange of free high resolution photos.  The site does deserve some respect from the online community.

Free high quality photos

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