Blogging makes one an efficient multitasker

Many of us, particularly newbies, blog without realising the benefits of blogging.  When asked about the benefits of blogging, the instant reply that comes to their mind with unmatched spontaneity is that blogging helps one to become financially secure.

It is a fact that blogging when done successfully, benefits you financially.  But you should not limit your perception to this aspect of blogging.  You should realise that in the process, you become a multi-tasker.  This is because a blogger has to do a lot of things before hitting the publish button and making available a killer content across the web.

A blogger has to write his posts, edit the same, make suitable images for his posts, do on page and off page optimization and therefore keeps on gaining experiences and learning new things.   In a nutshell, benefits abound in blogging for a professional blogger. 

This apart, blogging benefits every stratum of the society.  Given the fact that blogs are created around various niches and with specific purposes, this form of digital media is thus immensely beneficial for all sections of the society. 

After searching extensively through the web and from my experiences as a blogger, I have prepared a list of those benefits and beneficiaries which are enumerated below.


If you have been blogging consistently for some time, you stand a strong chance of becoming an expertise in blogging as you keep negotiating one obstacle after another as also learning new methods.


Amongst the many benefits of blogging, the very first one that inevitably comes to one’s mind is writing.  Writing posts after posts only hone your writing skills and you only get better with every post you write.  Though established bloggers usually outsource it from freelance writers, but during their initial stages, they usually write their own posts.


A blogger also doubles up as an editor.  Apart from the checking the grammar, spelling, punctuation, fact checking, word choice, sentence construction, syntax and pace, checks heading, write headlines thereby ensuring the consistency and flow of his article or blog post.  Just like an acquisition editor, he also finds new writers for guest blogging and goes through the needful before clicking on the publish button.  He arranges the layout of his blogs and sidebars.


Bloggers have to unavoidably be an expert on Search Engine Optimisation and therefore inevitably add this skill to their CV.  This helps them to work as an SEO expert for others as well.


Blogging demands as much involvement as is required in academics.  Students are required to apply their thought process, analytical skill, put their vocabulary to test before completing their writing assignments included in blogging.  Therefore, blogging brings their creative instincts to the fore and contributes immensely towards day to day academic progression.

Schools and colleges have been introduced to Information technology long time back.  Now, talks of including blogging in their curriculum are doing the rounds.  Hopefully, the powers that be in CBSE, ICSE and Universities overseeing education at school and college level respectively realise the benefits that accrue from blogging at the earliest and introduce it in India as well.


Blogging is considered by many an art.  Blogging like any artistic means such as drawing, painting, finger painting, writing has proven to be an outlet of many strong emotions that children days in and days out have been dealing with.  Blogging, therefore, plays a significant role in developing communication  and emotional skills and enhancing psychological awareness.

There are many children who are brought up in an unconducive domestic ambience.  They often find it difficult to express themselves.  This beautiful concept allows them to express their feelings, emotions,thoughts and creativity in a secure environment and that too in a playful manner. (source:-


Blogging defies every odds that come your way.  No matter what, how much you have achieved in life, how much your social acceptance  you receive.  All these matter little to a blogger.  For, blogging is one such platform which does not take all these into account.  Irrespective of your age, backgrounds, it gives you an opportunity to compensate for lost opportunities in your life.  Above all, it gives you an identity, a chance to make yourself a brand.  This is a huge personal benefit of blogging.


Blogging is extremely beneficial for small business.  It helps them to establish themselves to a brand.  A well-written blog, unique in its approach, style, and presentation can create a good number of loyal readership which in turn may  convert into consumers or increase sales of the product or service you are endorsing in your said blog.

It is correct to point out here that blogging, in fact, takes your business to new heights.  How?  There is no dearth of visual advertisements in the electronic media.  They appear while you are surfing through TV channels, watching TV soaps, between intervals in cricket matches or in the youtube.  Though these sort of advertisements usually contribute more than 90% of any product’s or services’ market promotion, its effectiveness is limited by the fact that consumers are not sure about the usefulness of the product until they get an hands-on experience of the same.  Here is where blogging comes into play.

That  a good number of established players, today also maintain a blog on their business interest vouch for the foregoing.  A blog post on the product/services can give a nitty gritty detail of their usefulness which a 09 to 13 seconds advertisements cannot.

Hence, product advertising through blogs is a significant benefit that accrues from blogging.


A celebrity is an icon in the eyes of millions of fans.  He or she need not bother about SEO at all.  In today world, there are scores of news channel, newspapers, magazines  eagerly waiting for every piece of news to reach it to the ever burgeoning audience, readers.  Then why on earth should celebrities take blogging.   Starting from Holly wood personalities to Bollywood biggies, a good number of celebrities have taken to blogging.


Maintaining blogs helps their audience, fans  to connect with them.  They cannot find a better way to connect with the large fan following they  enjoy the world over.  The advantage of this form digital media is that fans come to know many things about their icons which are usually not available with the news channels or newspapers.

Amitabh Bachchan is very active on his personal blog and keeps on writing about himself, his daily routine, how he spent time in the set, what are his upcoming movies.  Not so long ago, he went on to reveal in his blog about his ongoing battle with Hepatitis-B which he  while recovering from the gruesome accidents  on the sets of the coolie.

Example of a Celebrity Blog

These are some of the benefits of blogging I have been able to enlist after extensive searching over the web.  If you want to provide me with some more suggestions, then please go ahead and contribute to this post to make it more interesting.


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