Why am I bad at writing

Why am I bad at writing? I have been thinking about it all through the day when a blogger friend commented that my writing was really bad.

Reasons Why am I bad at writing?

I wanted to take a stock of the situation and therefore, started reading posts after posts to find examples of bad writing and its causes and remedies.  And soon I came to realize why I am bad at writing.

Talk to your audience just like a story master.

I have covered this point in my earlier posts. While writing for the web users, you should make it a point to write in conversational style. Be a story master.  Your audience should get the feel that you are talking to them or telling a story to them.

More so, if you are writing a blog post, a personal diary, an online diary or for a site.  For this do the following:-
Begin your sentences with you.
Instruct your audience.

Another example of bad writing. You never wrote in short sentences.

My writing also suffered because I did not use short sentences. You know this is particularly seen with those who cling to schoolboy of writing or have immense exposure to formal writing.  Brevity is preferred over lengthy sentences
(i) in conversational style of writing.
(ii) Short sentences are easy to write
(ii) Audience don’t read. They scan your posts. Long sentences discourage scanning. Your audience takes more time to interpret longer sentences. They sometimes run out of patience and head over to other areas of your content, thereby missing out on vital points.

You are unnecessarily emphasizing on your nouns and verbs.

Don’t stuff your content with excesses of adjectives and adverbs and mar your content’s simple style. They don’t provide more to the vocabulary than what is available in the content.  In conversational style of writing, they don’t mean much.

Besides, nouns and verbs describe themselves better than any descriptive.  Make proper use of preposition.

Lack of adequate knowledge

This is what is actually plaguing every writer’s progress. I am still in that phase. Therefore, before writing, I read a lot on a subject and try to use all that was recommended.

Apart from bookish knowledge, wisdom also matters. It gives you an edge over your less experienced counterparts. Most writers usually believe that they have adequate knowledge on a particular subject.

This is not a mistake but a blunder on their part and they often overlook this aspect.  So, you must read and enhance your knowledge. If you want to be a Good writer, you should read all the time. Apply what you have learned. And pen down your experiences.


You often make the mistake of believing that your content is one of the best in the business and therefore, needs no correction. But the fact is that it needs to be rewritten. Unfortunately, this is not done.

Final thought

Therefore, it is needless to say that if these are the reasons behind your bad writing, then this question “Why am I bad at writing” is going to haunt me beyond all tolerable limits.  So get your acts together to address this and become a good writer.

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