Amongst all the keyword tool available across the blogosphere, has a unique way of coughing out long-tail keywords.  There are in all 16 search engines and verticals here.  Search results are clubbed under the icons of each and every search engine and verticals where from they have been sourced.  It is quite intriguing that Soovle as an engine has its data from different engines and verticals.

In other words, Soolve is an archipelago of smaller search engines, e-commerce sites, book sites etc and other search verticals.

For the sake of information, I am walking you through the famous source points and the unknown points as well which are providing webmasters with long-tail search queries. or Barnes  is site of Barnes noble came into being as a book store in the early 19th century.  It is into publishing books as well apart from selling books through its brick mortuary stores and e-gateways.  The famous book store has e-reading facility also which requires it to hold all records digitally.  Therefore, it has access to tons of keywords which soovle sources and shares in its search engine facility.

Exposure to search verticals like shopping sites which go the extra mile to provide services beyond usual expectations in their niche help this site to provide webmasters with untapped keywords.

Just for example, take the case of __ which is based at NY.  Apart from selling goods online, it goes beyond everyone’s expectations and provides clients with information on commissions/freights charges which makes it a cut above its peers.  Therefore, the ___  is in a position to divulge relevant search terms which other search verticals fail to do so.

Since sources datas/informations from different search engines and search verticals pertaining to different geographical regional, it is in a position to shed light on region based search terms history of a keyword(s)  Search verticals like –,– are predominant players in their chosen fields in countries like China, South Korea.  So, search terms popular in that part of the world will come handy for onliners trying to make gain entry there. is a unique search vertical of Soovle – As per Wikipedia, the site is owned by Answers Corporation previously known as GuruNet which is basically an internet based knowledge exchange.  Information shared is sourced from WikiAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, VideoAnswers, and five international language Q&A communities. Therefore, connectivity with Soolve has exposed the Search Engine to a good number of information points.


Ebay – A popular E-commerce site has significantly made its presence felt in many parts of the globe.  With its overwhelming presence across the globe, the site is aware of customer interest across a broad spectrum of good and services emanating from different regions.

Ebay’s exposure to Soolve allows it to furnish all sorts of business queries and cater to the requirements of the business community as well.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, The weather channel is satellite based television company.  This is owned by the Blackstone group.

The channel makes weather forecast, news and analysis.  With Google already as one of its source, it looks like this site is set to broaden its ambit and focussing on user experience.   Hence this channel’s inclusion.


Currently known as the Goodshop, the sites provides a database of digital coupons available from online shopping sites like Amazon, Bestbuy, Target, Staples, etc. It covers almost all categories starting from beauty, healthcare, clothing, travel, baby, kids to office equipment, movies, gifts.

Goodshop is a safe bet for Soolve as it provides deep insight into the latest regional market trends of a variety of products and services.

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