A seminar was held by renowned blogger Kulwant Nagi at Isckon Temple in New Delhi. I was eager to attend the seminar and booked a seat with my credit card.   Any such conference or seminar is a place where you get to meet a good number of like-minded people.  However, I REGRET that I failed to reach there and therefore lost the opportunity for some valuable interactions and learning session.

A WordCamp is going to be held in Mumbai on 25-26 Mar 2017.  I have never attended any WordCamp till date.  However, I got to know a lot about it from videos uploaded on Youtube.  Also, from the blog posts written on Wordcamps.  It is held all throughout the world.

Such events should not be missed.  For that is literally a point where all people from digital marketing space converge and not only exchange ideas, thoughts but also share their valuable experiences.

A city seldom witnesses such events.  Most of the meeting/conference/seminar are held bi-annually or annually.   So, you should be always alert if any such event is going to be held in your town/city or anywhere near your residing place.  Because the amount of interaction/exposure you get enlightens you on aspects to which you are relatively a stranger.


If you are new to the world of blogging/digital marketing or haven’t heard about WordCamp before, then let me explain what is WordCamp and who and why you should one attend it. WordCamp is actually an informal conference conducted by WordPress user community.

You often read about SEO, blogging, content marketing, growth hacks, social media hacks in blogs.  But here you will get a number of persons from blogging/digital marketing fraternity under one roof.

What should you expect them to shed light on.  Well, the list is long.  Apart from ideas and experiences which I have already mentioned before, you will get to know about smart marketing hacks, life hacks.

There is also a question and answer session where you can clear your doubts.

You can hear a lot of voices which are considered an authority in your space.   What more should you be asking for? In 2014, a WordCamp was held in Baroda where Harsh enlightened freshers and old timers about the nuances of SEO, blogging etc.  It all seemed to be a crash course on SEO from an established blogger.  A link to the video is provided for your perusal.

Who should be attending such events as this?  Anyone in the digital marketing space.  He may be a blogger or a developer or a social media expert or an enthusiast or an E-commerce expert.  It matters little if you have little exposure.


As told earlier, you will be interacting a good number of people here. In your day to day routine, you have been often been contacting people over social media, attending forums, commenting on other bloggers’ blog posts.  But personal interaction with people from your space helps create long term relationship.

So, next time if you think of giving such camps a miss, remember that you will be doing that at your own peril.


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