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Greek philosopher Plato’s famous saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” still resonates. We have wasted reams of paper on explaining it. Netizens have spent umpteen Gbps on this overused proverb.

While nature has bestowed mankind with a marvellous gift called intelligence, she has also ensured that there is a certain limitation in terms of physical ability.

But man’s intellectual ability knew no bounds. And soon he went on discovering and inventing things to compensate for the shortcomings arising from his limited physical abilities.

Earlier the work which scores of people did is now done by these machines. Machines replaced humans in many spheres of life.

Still many opined that there are certain jobs which machines cannot perform. Content creation being intellectually demanding was widely acclaimed as one such job.

Even in the recent past, this front remained the unchallenged bastion of creative human beings. However, artificial content producers went on gaining from strength to strength. Now they are challenging that very bastion dominated by humans for so long.

However, in the context of content creation, artificial intelligence seems to be an unfitting phrase interfering with its very definition.

Also, the famous saying “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” in the same context seems to be absolutely redundant.  For humanity firmly believes that there exists no such necessity for artificial intelligence when there is such an abundance of natural one.

This universal conviction, therefore, calls for taking stock of the prevailing situation brought about by these so-called machine/computer journalists.


manual content creation and artificial intelligence

robo journalists with AI

The burning question that stares in the eyes is – Are we going to lose our job to those machines as content creators?

Not so long ago I came across a post from The Guardian which began the article in the understated manner –

And the Pulitzer goes to… a computer

I was awestruck.  So I delved deeper into the post. Well for a moment I thought our mechanical counterparts would have the better of us in this regard.

manual content creation & artificial intelligence

Nature Science home page feature image

And obviously, they do. If you are to believe the founder and co-scientist – Kris Hammond of  Narrative Science.   A company which has been basically into training machines to write like humans.

The site maintains that machines are being conditioned to tell stories with some assistance from tools. However, this ability is currently restricted to some types of content. That is business,  sports which are data specific.

The irony of fact is that there is no such tool which can actually train machines to equal humans in the field of content creation. Moreso, machines can never be independently creative like humans.  So whatever, the success the automated content generators have tasted so far is limited to business or sports reports.

Sujan Patel too shared the same opinion in his epic post.  These machines are reportedly telling stories as well.  But their stories will revolve around the data fed into their artificial neurones.


Manually created content will to an extent accommodate some space for Artificial Intelligence. Business houses, Companies, content farms, others will go for them for the reasons as under:-

  1. Will save many man hours to create a stuff.
  2. Will be cost effective.  Instead of shelling huge amount to scores of human writers, outsourcing the same work from AI supported system will save cost.
  3. Saving time and money will help business houses to stay ahead of their rivals in the business.  It becomes inevitable in the era of cut throat competition.
  4. What more you can ask from a machine.  The same article can be disseminated to a variety of clients.  The system will be using the database to source audience.
  5. In an article by Paul Roetzer, his perspective on AI was


  1. “Consider how much time your team spends discovering keywords; planning blog post topics; writing, optimizing, personalizing, and automating content; testing landing pages; scheduling social shares; reviewing analytics, and defining content strategies.

    Now imagine if a machine performed the majority of those activities and a marketer’s primary role was to enhance rather than create. Machines are not going to replace content marketers in the near term, but artificial intelligence is accelerating us toward a more intelligently automated future.”


Artificial Intelligence will enjoy some advantages over its natural counterparts.  However, that advantages will have some limitations. They will instantly churn out data specific contents like business or weather reports, sports.

They cannot think creatively like humans.  Hence, their version will lack the human elements like humour, joy, sadness, ecstasy which is an essential part of manual content creation.

So, creative articles or content will remain the hegemony of people in flesh and blood and not of mechanical beings.

Since the dawn of time, machines were made to assist mankind. They make life easier with creating conditions conducive for humanity.

They have been made to be subservient to human beings and not to lord over us.  The Scientific community should not try empowering them with unprecedented mental faculty.

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