Anonymous Blog – Is it the case here Guys?

A writer has an edge over an actor in that he or she can go anonymous while showcasing his or her skill.

While an actor can change his name, he can’t hide his appearance from the world.

The idea of keeping oneself concealed in the blogosphere while publishing fascinates many web writers.

A plethora of reasons have been assigned by them for doing so.

While they enjoy their anonymity, let us go for a walk through to explore if anonymous blogging is really beneficial or otherwise.


The idea of blogging anonymously will go against you if you want to establish yourself as a brand in your choice of niche.  When your site grows in popularity, people become curious about you.

I realised the embarrassments when I was at pains to explain about my blog.  It was difficult to say that I was pseudonymously publishing posts as Barnali Ray.

It can best suit you if you want to take it as a hobby.  However, it will never suit you if you are dreaming of making a FULL-TIME career as a blogger.

For None in the blogosphere will accept a pseudonymous blogger as a brand or an authority which every aspiring blogger wishes to be.  


Not useful in socialising.  A lot of interaction takes place while promoting your site in the social sphere.  Sometimes these relationships take off from a virtual platform and form reality.  Your anonymity will come in your way for forging new partnerships and ties.

You realise this when you land up in a meetup and walk up to someone whom you have been conversing for months on the social platform. The very first impression you get is that your peer will feel like a bolt from a blue.


Though sometimes held as unethical, anonymous blogging is attributable to certain compelling situations.

Democracy is a boon to mankind.  It empowers people to speak their mind without fear.

But where there is a fear of retribution, people will not speak.  Even if they do so, they will hide their identity to protect themselves. A purely democratic representation cannot always guarantee safety and security to the outspoken.  Leave alone a nation full of fanatics and fundamental elements.

Hence, anonymity is the only way out for those who are often torn between the blitzkrieg of the web world and the perceived threats.


There are keyboard terrorists everywhere who hide behind a veil of anonymity to pursue their vicious slanders. Peter Hook

There are people amongst the onliners who only harbour ill-motives to malign others.


I know that anonymity comes in the way of brand building, socialising.  But I have to inevitably do it.  This is just to ensure that I don’t violate any of employment terms and conditions.  Though I am yet to monetize my blog, I can’t hold two Offices of profit.


However, that as I am already into it, I should be sharing my experience.  Over the last two years or so of blogging, I have realised that showing a pretty face matters.  I think it helps elicit a response to numerous comments I leave every day on others’ blogs.

I have made a lot of friendship on social platforms.  Both Ankita Arya (@AnkitaArya1014 ), Ankit Sharma(@ankittheblogger ) have been strictly professional.  Gaurav Jain (@gauravcam) is more of a mentor than a friend. Gulshan Kumar(@TheGulshanKumar) is a naughty and mentor as well. Rishi(@recrishi ) motivates a lot. Abhijit (@Digimingnow) shows more of his flirting self.  Poor Abhijit.  Little did he realise with whom he is doing with. 

I have personally met Ravi Chahar(@ravichahar27 ) at India Bloggers Meet in Gurgaon and explained my situation.  He acknowledged my candid confession.

The urge to reveal myself is always there.  I will do so every time I turn up in a meet up.

While all have been nice and cordial, Maniparna(@Maniparna) deserves a special mention.   I owe her an apology for concealing my identity.  She has been a huge motivational factor behind this blog.  Hope she realises my compulsions and forgives me.

Please, share your thoughts