Creativity is not all about creating everything original

The ability to create something new – tangible or intangible to address a problem is called creativity.  Creative people are different from their non-creative counterparts.  Several traits have been attributed to them.

They are usually big recluse.  And they love their self-imposed reclusion as they maintain that being in such a state is conducive to their creativity.  Their reverse clock punctuality has only aided the popular perceptions around them. They work when the world prefers to retire to the comfort of the bed and vice versa.


But still many may not know that there is a dark side as well lurking behind these creative minds.  However, you should not be blaming them for this.  Time and again creative minds have to inevitably resort to practices which have shattered their images in the eyes of others.

No doubt, they have succeeded in their endeavour to beat the creative burn outs they face days in and days out.  But their indulgements have elicited discussions linking their creativity with dishonesty, unethicality.

Because people started exploring options which were against rules.


In today’s business world, outperforming a rival is the key factor to success.  So, business organisations are more pressurizing their research units to come up with the newest of creations.

But creativity has its roots in the most peculiar of conditions.  Creative minds cannot thrive in the captivity of research labs.  A scientist can’t deliver the goods if he is given a time bound job.  Lack of open ambience, confinements of stipulations will only do him in.

Also, it is not feasible for any creative mind to come out with original creation every time.  Creativity, be it tangible or intangible is also an extension of its very definition in that one creates or continues with the unfinished work of someones else’s.  Unfinished because there is a still a lot of room for improvement which comes through innovations, experiment.

And many creations are more or less a result of continued refinement of the works of earlier generations.  This has born fruits for mankind.  Humanity has greatly benefitted from such progression.

To exemplify this, let us take the modern day aircraft as an example.  Could the current generation enjoy the luxury of having one had not the inventions of Wright brothers been extensively researched and worked upon?

Needless to say, compelling work situation and prevailing trends as above, are the ground realities for which catapult creative people to the dark side of creativity.


The very first inventions or discoveries are always raw in form.  History is replete with such examples.  Be it tangible or intangible thing, we have continued with the process of innovations, research work and added to it.

This is obviously to derive maximum benefits from the created object.  Even if that requires working on somebody’s work.  And here is where all the controversy begins.

The so-called dark side of creativity is actually not the dark side.  In fact, it is the bright side.  Because, as told before, every creation has scope for improvements.  With every improvement, more benefits accrue to us.

The idea of working on other’s work has been contended severely.  And critics have labeled such attempts as dishonest, unethical.  That too on the pretext of stealing other’s works.


The question of honesty, ethicality, integrity has arisen against two sorts of back drops.  Being dishonest, unethical act as a catalyst to creativity.  Critics have often censured the creative minds on the premise that they should not be working on somebody’s creation.  In doing that, they are not providing the world anything new and original. However, their creations received wide acceptance across the globe.

While many have expressed displeasure on this practice, the world also has strong reservations against their being of loose moral, dishonest.  That too on the grounds that being so is conducive to creativity.


Adding to someone else’s work in the first place is often labeled as plagiarism, intellectual theft, lacking originality.  That is not the case always.  Many features which relate to other streams/branches gets blended with such creations.  And transform it into a different thing altogether.

In fact, what we get today is an amalgamation of multiple creations, synthesis of ideas, innovations.  Take the example of the airplane again.  You have attached many facilities like radar, guns missiles etc.  And converted it into a passenger vehicle, fighter aircraft for meeting your various requirements.  Like ferrying passengers, delivery warheads etc.

Also, it is admissible as long as the original/main creation keeps getting his due from the posterity.  The dark side of creativity as perceived by humanity is, therefore, here to stay.

For without that, we can never achieve real progress.


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